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HNI Charities Treats 2,000 Honduran Patients – Making Healthcare More Equitable

After over a decade of service to hospital patients, HNI Healthcare has established HNI Charities to support the needs of under-served communities.

HNI Healthcare has served hospital patients within the United States for over a decade, with a focus on providing high-quality, cost effective care. Now, with our history of service, we have decided to establish a non-profit charitable entity with the mission of supporting educational, nutritional, environmental, and health needs of under-served communities both within the US and outside its borders.

During the week of July 10-17, 8 Providers and 4 administrative team members from HNI joined another non-profit group, Honduras Good Works, and traveled to the rural mountain region of Honduras. Throughout that week, we assisted in staffing 15 medical clinics in rural villages - treating over 1,800 medical and 200 dental patients.


The work we were able to do in Honduras made a lasting impact in the lives of the Hondurans and in the hearts of our physicians. HNI Charities plans to continue these medical mission trips for years to come.

Trips like this are only made possible by the generous donations HNI Charities receives. We are honored that several partnered vendors and individuals have supported this cause and have made our recent trip to Honduras possible. In addition to these contributions, this past weekend HNI Charities held a nation-wide virtual walkathon that encouraged HNI team members to walk where they are and raise funds to support our mission. The efforts from this event have raised enough to cover ¼ of the next medical mission trip. Thank you to all HNI employees that participated and have brought us that much closer to funding our next trip!


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