Value-Based Care

VitalsMD® is Changing the Way Physicians Manage a Clinical Episode

Tech that aligns clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.

Creating the best outcomes for patients begins with a physician’s ability to access real-time data to make clinical decisions at the bedside.

Without the right tools or insight, physicians are not able to paint the proper picture of their patient’s health and care journey – resulting in inefficient care.


So, why would I add another tool into my workflow?


VitalsMD® answers the questions you couldn’t.

As the tool consumes and presents data, VitalsMD® teaches providers how to accurately describe the severity and acuity of their patients. Accurate documentation leads to proper resource utilization – adding value to all parties involved.

VitalsMD® is the integrated proprietary software of HNI Healthcare that guides your value-based practice. See how VitalsMD® guides your practice.


To track your outcomes and become a better physician.

Technology like VitalsMD® reports on key quality indicators that alert physicians to updates in patient care, improves documentation with real-time risk scoring, and communicates with provider groups within the care network to assist in supporting the patients’ transition to home.

Dr. Tovar, HNI’s Chief Medical Officer, says that this technology is embraced by physicians who are truly interested in their role in a hospital system and wish to be perceived well within the practice and among their patients. These quality indicators help hospital systems understand how their physicians are performing and produces data that drives better outcomes.

Physicians that provide quality care are an asset to any health system, and VitalsMD® helps to emphasize their value.

See how value-based care benefits providers.


For a more efficient and effective healthcare system.

VitalsMD® provides data for true clinical, operational and financial alignment. By teaching physicians to accurately describe their patients, they can properly underwrite risk and ensure the right resources are utilized in their patient's care plan. Under a value-based care model, this leads to better documentation, appropriate next site of care, readmission reduction, and overall cost reduction for hospital systems, and ultimately the patient.


What's the Difference?

Real-Time, Integrated Data:

VitalsMD® empowers healthcare providers by harnessing real-time, integrated data. By aggregating information from various sources, including electronic medical records (EMRs) and other clinical systems, it provides a comprehensive view of patients' health status. This enables physicians to access up-to-date patient information, including medical history, lab results, and medication records, at the point of care, enhancing clinical decision making.

Collaboration Tools:

Effective collaboration among healthcare providers is vital for delivering high-quality patient care. VitalsMD® offers robust collaboration tools that facilitate seamless communication and coordination within care networks. Physicians can securely communicate with other providers, including primary care physicians, to share critical patient information, discuss treatment plans, and ensure care continuity. Such collaborative features enhance care coordination and reduce the risk of medical errors.

MIPS Quality Reporting:

Meeting quality reporting requirements, such as the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), can be a complex task for healthcare organizations. VitalsMD® simplifies this process by automating MIPS quality reporting. The software generates accurate quality metrics, tracks performance measures, and provides real-time feedback, enabling providers to optimize their performance and maximize incentives.

Patient Risk Scoring:

Identifying high-risk patients is crucial for providing proactive and targeted care. VitalsMD® employs advanced algorithms to calculate patient risk scores, helping healthcare providers identify individuals who may require additional attention or interventions. By flagging high-risk patients, the system enables clinicians to prioritize resources effectively and implement preventive measures to mitigate risks and improve patient outcomes.

Care Transitions and Readmission Tracking:

Smooth care transitions from hospital to home are vital for reducing readmissions and enhancing patient satisfaction. VitalsMD® assists in care transitions by providing comprehensive tools to track and manage the entire process. From identifying patients eligible for value-based programs to tracking readmission risk and discharge barriers, the system ensures effective communication and coordination among providers, improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs.

Streamlined Documentation and Coordination:

VitalsMD® streamlines documentation and coordination by integrating with facility EMRs and automating data exchange. This eliminates manual data entry, reduces administrative burden, and improves accuracy. The software facilitates seamless communication of admission and discharge information with primary care physicians, ensuring continuity of care. Additionally, real-time risk scoring supports clinical documentation integrity, enabling providers to capture and document patient acuity accurately.

Customized Analytics and Reporting:

Comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities are essential for monitoring practice performance and identifying areas for improvement. VitalsMD® offers customizable analytics and reporting features, providing insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) such as case distribution, referral patterns, bundle payment identification, and readmission rates. With real-time and time-sequenced data, healthcare organizations can make data-driven decisions, optimize resource allocation, and enhance patient care delivery.

With technology like VitalsMD®, physicians and hospital systems have data to support their decision-making, and can equally benefit from the value added.  


Learn more about the goals of value-based care and what it means to hospitalsproviders, and patients.


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