Value-Based Care

VitalsMD® is Changing the Way Physicians Manage a Clinical Episode

Tech that aligns clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.

Creating the best outcomes for patients begins with a physician’s ability to access real-time data to make clinical decisions at the bedside.

Without the right tools or insight, physicians are not able to paint the proper picture of their patient’s health and care journey – resulting in inefficient care.


So, why would I add another tool into my workflow?


VitalsMD® answers the questions you couldn’t.

As the tool consumes and presents data, VitalsMD® teaches providers how to accurately describe the severity and acuity of their patients. Accurate documentation leads to proper resource utilization – adding value to all parties involved.

VitalsMD® is the integrated proprietary software of HNI Healthcare that guides your value-based practice. See how VitalsMD® guides your practice.


To track your outcomes and become a better physician.

Technology like VitalsMD® reports on key quality indicators that alert physicians to updates in patient care, improves documentation with real-time risk scoring, and communicates with provider groups within the care network to assist in supporting the patients’ transition to home.

Dr. Tovar, HNI’s Chief Medical Officer, says that this technology is embraced by physicians who are truly interested in their role in a hospital system and wish to be perceived well within the practice and among their patients. These quality indicators help hospital systems understand how their physicians are performing and produces data that drives better outcomes.

Physicians that provide quality care are an asset to any health system, and VitalsMD® helps to emphasize their value.

See how value-based care benefits providers.


For a more efficient and effective healthcare system.

VitalsMD® provides data for true clinical, operational and financial alignment. By teaching physicians to accurately describe their patients, they can properly underwrite risk and ensure the right resources are utilized in their patient's care plan. Under a value-based care model, this leads to better documentation, appropriate next site of care, readmission reduction, and overall cost reduction for hospital systems, and ultimately the patient.

With technology like VitalsMD®, physicians and hospital systems have data to support their decision-making, and can equally benefit from the value added.  


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