Infection Rate

Infection Rates Decrease Across Health System

A Florida Hospital System Partner improves C DIFF infection rates system-wide by using HNI's processes and procedures.

C DIFF | Challenge

Before partnering with HNI, the hospital struggled to reduce the infection rate for C DIFF. Inappropriate testing led to false positives, inappropriate antibiotic use, and increased cost to the hospital.


C DIFF | Our Solutions

By reviewing the current facilities policies and procedures, providing extensive training for physicians and nurses, implementing a laboratory monitoring system (specimens, if not collected correctly, are re-collected or canceled), and documenting symptoms present on admission, we were able to decrease C DIFF infection rates facility-wide.


Facility-wide C DIFF Decrease | Results

Within one year, C DIFF infection rates were consistently down across all three facilities within the Florida Hospital System. This improvement resulted in significant cost savings for our Hospital Partner and a healthier patient population.

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