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Florida Antimicrobial Stewardship Program Success

Choosing antibiotics wisely and de-escalating antibiotics when appropriate.

HNI Healthcare providers partnered with Pharmacy to participate in the hospital's Antimicrobial Stewardship Program. 

The CDC States: New data shows more than half of antibiotic prescribing for selected events in hospitals was not consistent with recommended prescribing practices.  Antibiotic prescribing was not supported in: 79% of patients with community-acquired pneumonia, 77% of patients with urinary tract infections, 47% of patients prescribed fluroquinolone treatment, and 27% of patients prescribed intravenous vancomycin antibiotic.

Hospital prescribers and pharmacists can improve antibiotic prescribing by optimizing antibiotic selection, re-assessing antibiotic treatment when the results of diagnostic testing are available, and using the shortest effective duration of therapy.



With all of this in mind, HNI was able to reduce antimicrobial spend per equivalent discharge to $25.92 in June of 2022 from $47.17 in July of 2020.

This reduction, extrapolated to ~14,777 equivalent discharges a year, saves the hospital $314,011.25 annually.

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