ED Responsiveness Improves Florida Hospital Throughput

The Hospital’s current results for ED to bed placement is 17.28 minutes faster than the national goal.

ED Responsiveness
Minutes from ED to Bed Placement

At HNI, we have mastered the art of efficiency. At one of our partner Florida hospitals, they are averaging 81.72 minutes from ED to bed placement compared to the national goal of 99 minutes. This significant time savings improves throughput and creates a better patient experience.

3% (4)ED Responsiveness
ED Decision to Admission to Admitting Order

The National Goal for ED Decision to Admission to Admitting Order is  < 25 Minutes. The table below showcases the results for August and September at the same Florida hospital mentioned above.

Aug. Results Sept. Results National Goal
21.84 Minutes 22.76 Minutes 25 Minutes



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