Length of Stay

Idaho Hospital Found Success with HNI Management and Technology

Within the first 90 days under HNI management, Idaho hospital significantly improves their ALOS and CMI.

The Challenges

After a thorough program assessment, HNI Healthcare diagnosed the following issues that were affecting quality of care and facility revenue generation.


Poor Hand-Off Process

Lack of communication during hospitalist shift exchange increased LOS.


Lack of Multidisciplinary Collaboration

This resulted in poor care coordination and disposition planning.


No Performance Reporting

The hospital lacked reporting tools to evaluate group and individual physician metric performance.


Financial Loss From Excessive LOS

ALOS historically trended at 1 day over GMLOS.


Our Solutions

  • Deployed our technology suite, VitalsMD®. HNI’s on-boarding team provided training to the hospitalist team to ensure each physician could immediately integrate the use of VitalsMD® into their daily workflow.
  • Provided a comprehensive orientation program to educate providers on Value-Based Quality Panels, Documentation Integrity, and MACRA/MIPs.
  • Implemented daily huddles with case management and initiated weekend discharge planning strategy.
  • Placement of medical and administrative leadership on-site for daily support and monitoring of physician performance.
LOS/GMLOS Variance Results
The variance between ALOS and GMLOS reduced from 0.80 to 0.48 within the first 90 days under HNI management.
 3% (19)
Case Mix Index Results
Within the first 90 days under HNI management, the case mix index increased from 1.37 to 1.45. 
3% (20)

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