Post-Acute Care

Readmission Reduction

HNI's extensive training program leads to readmission reduction in the acute and post-acute setting.

Post-Acute Readmission RateChallenge

Prior to HNI entering the top 12 post-acute facilities, the readmission rate was 19.68% which was 2.38% higher than the national average rate.


Post-Acute Readmission Rate | Our Solutions

HNI hired and trained physicians to extend our quality program to patients in the post-acute setting. In addition to that, HNI implemented training for the nurses in the facilities on protocols to ensure the highest level of care is rendered. By working with the hospital to implement a successful ED U-Turn program, HNI was able to reduce the hospital's readmissions.


Post-Acute Readmission Rate | Results

HNI’s presence in the 12 facilities lowered the Hospital’s readmission rate down to 10% in just 4 months.



All-Cause Readmissions | Challenge

The hospitals needed to decrease readmissions for a clinically complex population of patients.


All-Cause Readmissions | Our Solutions

In addition to the training program mentioned above, we focused on medication reconciliation accuracy, educating patients clearly on their discharge plan, and ensuring the patient is at the right level of care at discharge attributed to the success at the hospital level.


All-Cause Readmissions | Results

Readmission Rate reduction graph


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