Letter from a Patient: Dear Dr. Heidenreich

One of our providers received a letter from a patient's family expressing their gratefulness for her kind and caring attitude.

Dr. Bess Heidenreich received a letter from a patient's family expressing her kind and caring attitude. A colleague of Dr. Heidenreich said, "This letter reflects the care I see Dr. Heidenreich provide on daily basis."

The letter read:

"Dr. Heidenreich called me daily to provide thorough and transparent updates on my dad. She took the time to answer all of my questions and highly respected my requests. She is incredibly compassionate with incredible bedside manner, and is very professional and thorough with her care.

I work in healthcare myself as an acute care physical therapist and I see plenty of doctors, nurses, and other therapists daily at work. I can confidently say that she went above and beyond caring for my father."




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