Letter from a Patient: Dear Dr. Naraghi

Dr. Naraghi received a letter from a colleague who praised the impact he has made both inside and outside the walls of the hospital.

Dr. Naraghi is one of our hospitalists at Mercy Regional Medical Center in Lorain, OH. Recently, a colleague shared about the positive impact that Dr. Naraghi has made within the walls of the hospital and beyond:

"Just recently, my mom was listening to the radio and heard Dr. Naraghi speaking about the care he provides in nursing homes. For a woman who is almost 80, hearing about this gives her peace and confidence, should she ever need nursing home care.

She stated that, “He sounded like such a kind man that truly cares for his patients.”

I was able to tell her that not only does he sound like he cares, but he truly does care for his patients.

When patients come to our facilities, often not having their own primary care physician to care for them, hearing Dr. Naraghi’s voice allows us to reassure this community of the role of the Hospitalist and that they are truly conduits of their physician.

His impact is felt not only in our walls, but also in our community!"


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