Letter from a Patient: Dear Dr. Duran

Dr. Marina Duran received a note thanking her for her dedication to her patients, staff, and colleagues.

Dr. Marina Duran is one of our intensivists at the Mercy St. Joseph Warren Hospital ICU, and has been managing a high volume of patients for the past several months.

There are many days she works well beyond her 10 hour shift and always does it with such grace and a great attitude. Her commitment to her patients, the hospital staff, and colleagues is greatly appreciated.

Below is a letter, written by an RN, thanking Dr. Duran:

"I have had the privilege of supporting a few cases here at SJ/ICU with Dr. Duran as intensivist. I think the absolute world of her. I know so many doctors who are rising to the occasion of the crisis, but she in particular has been in some tough situations and continues to march on. She and the other physicians are incredible to me."

Thank you for all that you do, Dr. Duran, and our healthcare heroes across the globe.


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