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The Power of Healthcare Data: Transforming Patient Care with VitalsMD®

Real-time healthcare data drives effective patient care plans and helps physicians advance their practice.

Imagine your team is about to take on the championship game. But when it comes time to play, there is no scoreboard. No goals to meet, and no directions for success.

Your team would be blindly working toward an uncertain goal, unable to craft an effective plan to create the outcome that you want.

Now imagine that this team is your physicians – with the goal of creating the best outcomes for their patients and driving efficiency throughout your facility. You wouldn’t want them to work without benchmarks and informed, trusted data – would you?

Of course not. That kind of game plan would lead to uncoordinated, inefficient, and ineffective care; care that costs more for everyone involved.

“Physicians and health care groups have struggled to manage clinical episodes…because they lack real-time, actionable data that is trusted by physicians, and that provides them a digital backbone for management of care throughout the continuum,” said Dr. Reuben Tovar, Chief Medical Officer of HNI Healthcare.

VitalsMD® harnesses real-time, physician-generated data →


In the world of healthcare, data is invaluable. It serves as a guiding light for physicians, helping them make informed decisions and deliver the best possible outcomes for their patients. Without access to real-time, actionable data, healthcare providers would find themselves navigating a game with no scoreboard or goals.

That's where healthcare technology like VitalsMD® comes in, revolutionizing the way physicians manage clinical episodes and transforming patient care:


Data physicians and health systems can trust.

Physicians need data they can trust. When physicians enter real-time data and have access to detailed, timely information, they become better equipped to make educated, value-based decisions. This, in turn, leads to higher-quality care and faster recovery times for patients.

Without reliable data, physicians would struggle to meet critical metrics such as length of stay, quality of care, and determining the next site of care.


The Role of Timely Data: 

Timely data is a game-changer in healthcare.

It empowers physicians to practice in a manner that ensures they meet their target metrics from the moment a patient is admitted. By having access to accurate, up-to-date information, physicians can make real-time, holistic care decisions that influence the length of a patient's stay and overall care outlook.

Outdated data would hinder their ability to create effective care plans or anticipate unforeseen obstacles. Timely data also encourages efficient care throughout the continuum, facilitating follow-up appointments, necessary prescriptions, and proactive measures to prevent regressions.

“Real-time data entered by the physician, real benchmarks, and timely data, all contribute to having objective discussions that yield a much higher value and allow us to address the quality issues that will improve the care for our patients,” said Blain Claypool, Chief Operating Officer of HNI Healthcare, during HNI’s recent webinar with Becker’s Healthcare.


Inspiring Accountability through Data: 

Trusted and timely data not only helps physicians improve patient care but also fosters accountability. It enables valuable discussions around physician performance and allows for accurate reflections on the care provided.

Physicians and health systems can compare their performance against benchmarks, identify areas for improvement, and make necessary adjustments. This data-driven approach empowers physicians to self-manage, providing them with vital insights into patient severity, risk, and length of stay targets. By having access to such data, physicians can strive to compare well with their peers and consistently deliver high-quality care.


Learning from Healthcare Veterans: 

To gain further insights into the power of healthcare data and its impact on patient care, healthcare veterans Blain Claypool, Chief Operating Officer, and Dr. Reuben Tovar, Chief Medical Officer, of HNI Healthcare share their experiences.

They discuss navigating value-based care, risk-based arrangements, and alternate payment models, shedding light on how their hospital, providers, and colleagues bought into the data-driven approach. Their expertise provides valuable lessons for hospitals, providers, and patients alike.

Watch the Webinar

The era of data-driven healthcare has arrived, and its impact on patient care is profound. With tools like VitalsMD® and access to trusted, timely data, physicians can confidently make decisions that optimize outcomes, reduce care gaps, and prevent hospital readmissions.

Through accountability and continuous improvement, healthcare providers can deliver exceptional care and ensure better health outcomes for their patients. The power of healthcare data is transforming the game, and the future of patient care looks brighter than ever.



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