Value-Based Care

Webinar: Healthcare Waste

Healthcare veterans discuss how to identify inefficiencies in your health system and navigate a system not ready to change.


Healthcare Waste | How to Identify Inefficiencies + Navigate a System Not Ready to Change



Hear from healthcare veterans Blain Claypool - Chief Operating Officer, and Dr. Reuben Tovar - Chief Medical Officer, of HNI Healthcare, as they walk through their experience navigating value-based care, risk-based arrangements, and alternate payment models, and how they got buy-in from their hospital, providers, and colleagues.


Here are a few things you'll learn:

    • How to successfully underwrite the case based on a patient's diagnosis
    • How accountability plays a major role in your success
    • How to determine the decision support tools your team needs
    • How to engage physicians to motivate and incentivize the right behaviors



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