Value-Based Care

Webinar: What you wished they taught in medical school

A value-based approach to developing healthcare leaders.

What you wished they taught in medical school:

A value-based approach to developing healthcare leaders


Far too often, physicians don't receive training in navigating the business of healthcare. However, learning how to lead multidisciplinary groups in process improvement is an essential skill in getting your hospital to succeed in value-based care.

This webinar will provide insights on helping staff transition into value-based thinking and in turn aligned with value-based care.

Learning points:




Webinar: Healthcare Waste →

  • How to successfully underwrite the case based on a patient's diagnosis
  • How accountability plays a major role in your success
  • How to determine the decision support tools your team needs
  • How to engage physicians to motivate and incentivize the right behaviors


Webinar: Succeeding in Risk-Based Relationships →

  • Effective integration must be achieved to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs


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