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Yes Money, But What Else? What to Look for in a Dream Job

You have the medical know-how, but a new challenge arises. What matters most as an employee?

Purpose – it’s the fuel that drives you to come to work - and better yet - enjoy it. Life is too short to do something that does not align with your values, no matter the pay grade.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you search for your next role.


Long-Term Career Growth

The bottom line is – you want to work for an organization that encourages and supports your personal and professional growth.

The best way to set yourself up for personal growth is through developing a long-term plan. You should:

  • Determine your career goals in the next five to ten years and the steps you’ll need to take to get there.
  • Anticipate roadblocks or unseen opportunities.
  • Choose positions and organizations that fulfill you on the clock and at home.
  • Understand that a career doesn’t have to be a straight path.

Ask about advancement within the company. Do they seem excited when you discuss growth? Great companies want to invest in their employees with professional learning opportunities. This allows you to develop new skills, expand the scope of your practice, and stay current with the changes within your industry.

At organizations like HNI, we invest in our physicians from day one →. We understand that a team with aligned values, → personal and professional support, and opportunities to expand their knowledge functions at an exceptional level.


Work-Life Balance

It can be easy to feel like all you do is work, but what are you truly working for?

In the medical field, it can be enticing to dedicate all available time and energy to your demanding work. However, it is helpful to take time to rest after going through a physical and mental gauntlet. Search for a role that fits and supports your lifestyle. At HNI, our providers are never on the clock for more than 12 hours →. We encourage rest and know that our people do their best work when they can balance their duties and their well-being.

Money is only useful if you have time, freedom, and energy to spend it. If you feel as though you’re not able to give your all to your family, friends, or overall well-being, it’s time to take a step back and recalibrate.

Maintaining this balance is essential to your happiness and health, but it also drives efficiency in your work. It is more important than ever to find an employer that recognizes this and encourages balance.


Company Culture and Impact

Life is about more than just work, and you are joining a professional that has a profound impact on communities. A company’s attitude toward outreach can make all the difference.

HNI grants each employee time to use to give back to others. With regularly scheduled volunteer days and local charity partners, HNI knows that support goes both ways.

Choose a company that strives to make life better for all →. Do your values align? When everyone can get behind the mission of an organization, it’s easy to enjoy your role on the team.

Nothing affects an organization more than its team members. Make note if you can see yourself working well with the current team members. As you interview, pay attention to how they interact with each other. Are these people that you can see yourself supporting, and being supported by, at work? →

At our partner facilities, HNI includes a mix of both clinical and non-clinical support staff →. This dyad of encouragement and knowledge allows each type of team member to do their best work towards our goal: Improving outcomes for our patients. →


Work Environment and Location

We already spend much of our time at work, so you want to be able to enjoy getting there and the environment once you arrive.

Consider the location of your practice to be able to anticipate a commute. If your position requires an especially long commute, understand how this would affect your non-work life and your willingness to stay long-term.

Did you know that HNI has a team of physicians who travel and work around the country? →Better yet, they get to choose where they want to live and travel to our facilities in Florida, Louisiana, Ohio, and beyond.


Salary and Benefits

It’s vital that your salary meets the minimum expectations for your role, which means having the ability to meet basic needs and sustain your lifestyle.

You will also want to ensure that you will be covered by a satisfactory compensation and benefits package. Your base salary is just one part of this. These kinds of policies and additions should be closely reviewed and potentially negotiated before you accept a position.

HNI offers a competitive salary and extensive benefits package. We have roles to fit many different lifestyles and professional goals →.


Company History and Future

Understanding your future company’s history can give you a glimpse into its stability, values, and culture in action. Research past milestones and their plans for the future. You’ll be able to determine if it is a history that you are excited to be a part of.

HNI has a rich history of innovation, transformation and quality care. Read more about HNI →.


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